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General Information:

Villiersdorp also known as the “The Pearl of the Overberg” it is a tranquil town graced by oak trees and surrounded by fruit and wine orchards. Villiersdorp is the center of a prosperous apple-growing region, which also produces grapes, onions, peaches and apricots.

The Theewaterskloof Dam is a characteristic feature of Villiersdorp. The dam, which derives its name from the farm on which the wall is situated, is the seventh largest dam in South Africa. Its full supply capacity is about one-tenth of that of the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam, which is the largest impoundment in South Africa.



The town of Villiersdorp was named after Pieter de Villiers, a local farmer who established the town in 1843. The De Villiers family in Villiersdorp district played a major part in the development of the area. Sir David de Villiers Graff, who was elected Mayor of Cape Town in 1891 and served as a Cabinet Minister in both Cape and Union Parliaments, founded the town’s well-known De Villiers Graaf High School in 1907 with a gift of land and £50 000. Sir David’s son, De Villiers Graaf, became the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament in 1957.

The charming and picturesque Villiersdorp is worth a visit. It has much to offer visitors seeking outdoor adventure and relaxation in a beautiful country town.

Major Attractions:

Dagbreek Museum Restaurant, situated in Union Street is a living museum with a vegetable/ herb garden, moskonfyt oven and a Witblitz still.

Kelkiewyn is an attractive farmstall, situated at the north end of the town. It combines the sale of local delicacies like with the tasting of the local wines.

The Villiersdorp Wine Cellar is unique to the Overberg region. It was formed in 1922 and is one of the oldest wine cellars in the country, with its members producing 11 000 tons of grapes annually. It boasts a wide range of export wines.

Visit the St Augustine’s Church in Union Street is a lovely stone building with an intriguing burial vault.

Visit the De Villiers Graaf High School and notice the impressive architecture of this renowned school, built in 1907.


The annual Harvest Festival is a daylong event-taking place at the beginning of April in which all sections of the community share and is held in the grounds of the Dagbreek Museum. There are craft and produce stalls, bric-a-brac tables and music competitions. During the Festival, the only Moskonfyt oven and Witblitz still in the country are in operation.

The annual Agricultural Show takes place during mid-October. A variety of events take place, cattle judging, horse riding, a beer garden, home craft competitions and sideshows provide all the fun of the fair.